As experienced investors and property managers, we can provide guidance on the following topics:

  • Deal Analysis. Let us assist you in running numbers for a single family or multifamily deal.
  • Property Management Issues/Questions. Need advice on how to handle a particular situation with a tenant or property you own? We are happy to help.
  • Asset Performance Strategies. Looking to maximize profit? Talk to us to learn how to increase performance and cash flow.
  • New Investor Guidance. Have burning questions about real estate or investing? Ask us for expert advice and quick answers.
Dillon Realty

We possess expertise in the following niches:

  • Small multifamily/single family home investing
  • Renovations
  • Improving the financial performance of your investment
  • Corporate leases
  • Sober living/group homes
  • Luxury properties
  • Section 8, subsidized, rental assistance programs/housing
  • Turnover process
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • And more; just ask!
  • Let us help you achieve your real estate investing goals!